Low-Cost Home Surveyors is an established surveying firm, providing an efficient and professionally presented Survey service on all types of residential property.

With our base in East Devon, we cover most of the County of Devon, however, we are happy to assist Clients further afield and indeed have done so.

Commissioning your own survey is the most straight forward and economical way to avoid unpleasant and perhaps costly surprises after moving in. In some cases, the Surveyor's report may be used as a negotiating tool, to renegotiate the price, thus saving you money.

Even if you are seeking a mortgage and may be paying for a Mortgage Valuation Report, it is still advisable and prudent to arrange a survey by your own fully independent Surveyor.

The reason is that the Mortgage Valuation report is prepared for the ' lender ' not for you, the ' Borrower '. It answers only the Lender's questions concerning the appropriate security for your loan. You cannot rely on it to answer the questions which concern your personal interests, that is, whether the property is sound, fit for purpose, serving 'your best interest'.

Prior to signing on the dotted line, 'Know  exactly where you stand'.

Our Survey Reports are prepared for various purposes on residential property. We undertake a range of surveys from a Full Building Survey through to a Budget-Line survey, on properties of all sizes. We undertake building defects analysis and other professional work including Party Wall matters and Project Monitoring.

We have expertise in respect of period properties ranging from timber frame houses through to stone built with thatched roofs. This is a specialised field of Building Surveying and should only be entrusted to a firm with expertise in this field.

This organisation is solely concerned with residential property, people's homes, hence our name, moreover, we believe this gives us a unique focus when inspecting a property, which is reflected in the detail of our reports.


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